Moldflow analysis
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For the large mould, such as the auto parts mould,We can do mould flow analyses before we start working. After the mould flow analyses, we decide the mould injection gates and structures. Therefore, the moulds can be finished successfully and smoothly.

Moldflow Analysis Report--Plastic Introduction

PP+EPDM+20% Talc MFR15(Kingfa Sci & Tech Co Ltd\AIP-2015)
1.Solid density 1.0476g/cm^3 7.Minimum melt temperature 200.0 ℃
2.Maximum sharing force 0.25 Mpa 8. Maximum melt temperature 240.0 ℃
3.Maximum sharing rate 100000.00 1/s 9. Melt temperature advise 220.0 ℃
4.Splitting temperature 280 ℃ 10.Minimum mold temperature 30.0 ℃
5.Transfer temperature 135.000000 ℃ 11. Maximum mold temperature 50.0 ℃
6.Ejecter temperature 130 ℃ 12. Mould temperature advise 40.0 ℃

Analysis aim

The aim of CAE analysis is manily to see if,during the whole injection process , the pressure,temperature,distortion is reasonable or not.If there is welding marking on the products’ appearance and if it is ideal.If the whole products can reach clients’ usage requement.According to our rich experience in hot runner making experience and reference result from CAE mold analysis,we will supply best injection solution. We cuse the details supplied from Kingfa Sci & Tech Co Ltd No AIP-2015 PP+EPDM+20% Talc from Moldflow data bank.

Molding basic terms

⊙ Flowing terms :
 · Mold temperature : 55.0 ℃
 · Plastic temperature : 220.0 ℃
 · Flowing time : 4.9 S
 · Flowing speed : 800 cm3/s
 · Total projected areal:5207 cm2
⊙ Cooling terms:
 · Cooling water temperature(Cavity) 25.0 ℃

Feed system design

Fill time

Pressure at V/Pswitchover

Flow Front Temperature

Ejector shrinkage rate


Shrinkage mark index

Clamp Force

Maximum clamp force – in filling stage=2100T,in latter force keeping “curve” stage can be adusted.
Above: ”curve” of pressure to clamp force during whole injection cycle.

Product distortion

X-Y-Z parameters

Result and advise

⊙ From above analysis we know
•Filling balance is good.
•Maximum filling pressure is 84Mpa
84Mpa,wide range on molding terms.
•Even temperature before flowing waveEven wave,no block,productsblock,products with welding line line,settled by change mold temperature and material temperature ;
•Other parameters are within reasonable range.
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